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Blood Bowl 3

PS4 / PS5 / NSW / XBOX
Release Date: 23 February 2023

War disappeared in the Old World when the inhabitants decided to resolve their differences by playing the god Nuffle's sacred sport: Blood Bowl. And yet it is no less bloody than the battlefields it has replaced. Murder, mutilation, cheating, corruption, sorcery and even divine intervention come one after another on the pitch, to the delight of everyone watching!

Region: R2
Rating: PEGI 16
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Nacon
Language: English + Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
*Chinese Day 1

Game Trailer

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Pre-Order Bonus

Blood Bowl 3 Dice and Team Logos Pack

These dice won’t improve your luck, but they might impress your opponent. This pack includes three exclusive team logos and a dice set for customizing your teams.


Brutal Edition
The Blood Bowl 3 Brutal Edition includes:
– The game
– The Black Orcs Customizations pack
– The Imperial Nobility Customizations pack
– The Brutal Ball pack
– The Brutal Cheerleader pack
– 1,000 Warpstone