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EGI’s experience in distribution extends to gaming Hardware products. From controllers, headsets, keyboards, to licensed merchandise and all kinds of gaming peripherals, we team up in a collaborative framework to extend and adjust your marketing and sales strategy to the intricacies of the Asian gaming market.


Build your regional brand reputation and awareness with our trusted network. EGI is positioned as an industry pioneer, with an established network of both distribution and media partners working to get the word out and product into the hands of gamers across Asia.


Gain access to our unrivalled network of over 1,000 B2B and B2C distribution partners such as retail chains, wholesalers, and online marketplaces

Centralised Approach

EGI coordinates a regional strategy focused on growing your brand awareness, demand generation, and sales volume, through local teams on the ground in each territory.


We believe in working closely with our partners to create new channels and opportunities to deliver your products, all while requiring minimal bandwidth from your own teams.

Apart from our core distribution services, EGI goes the extra mile with value-added services

Marketing Support

Quarterly sales reporting

Customer care & warranty assistance

Market insights

After Sale Support

Team up with EGI to open more possibilities for your brand in Asia